How To R.E.S.C.U.E. Your Loved One With Cancer
5 Keys to Empowering Family and Friends!

 In this presentation, two-time cancer survivor and author of Charlie's Cancer
, David Justus shares his formula for helping your loved one with cancer. His
clever use of the word 'rescue' as an acronym, makes remembering the five keys easy
and enjoyable.

  Family and friends quickly feel comfortable with David's natural speaking style. His
blend of humorous stories from his own cancer experience to the empowering ideas
he shares, has you smiling with him one minute and crying the next. Every participant
leaves fulfilled, more confident and ready to help their loved one with cancer.

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  David builds upon his book, Charlie’s Cancer Rescue: How To Help When A Loved One Is Diagnosed With
where the characters take on the five most common emotional responses to cancer. Once participants "R"
ecognize the "E"motions they are displaying, they can begin to put their feelings about the cancer diagnosis in
proper perspective.

  No one is very helpful without first taking care of his/her self first. Therefore, the
"S" stands for self. He shares
the importance of taking care of yourself and ways to make sure this happens. In addition, you can only change how
you are feeling about the diagnosis, not how someone else may be responding.

  Readers of
Charlie's Cancer Rescue discover ways to draw upon their personal experience as a means of helping
their loved one. So David next emphasizes the
"C"onsistency that family and friends bring to their loved one. They
are already familiar with their loved ones likes and dislikes, personality and moods, etc.-- all information that no
medical professional will be aware of.

  "I wish I would of..." or "Only If ..." are the words of regret or
"U"nfinished business. David encourages
participants to say,
I love you and I'm sorry. Because, although no one plans on getting cancer, it does allow this one

  "E"ndurance is the final key to helping your loved one. Cancer is a long journey and with proper planning, family
and friends can learn to endure the challenges that lay ahead. This includes new role definitions, such a family
contact person, teamwork, and support.

  At a time when every moment counts, David Justus provides family and friends the information and skills needed
to help save a loved one with cancer!!

                                  This presentation can be adapted to meet special audiences and needs.

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