Does a loved one's cancer have you feeling
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Charlie's Cancer Rescue. It is a story about self-
discovery on how to help a loved one with cancer.
An antidote to traditional self-help formats, this
breakthrough book will empower you regardless of
your relationship to the patient or the type of
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How to Help When  A Loved One Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Charlie's Cancer Rescue is a story about a family of mice that live in the comfort
of a glass cage, complete with a blanket, running wheel, straw, wood chips and
the "Glove"that brings them fresh water and a variety of food on a daily basis.

Charlie: One day Charlie gets "chosen" and is taken from the cage. The siblings
venture out to try and rescue him, only to find out he has cancer.

Sunny: He is the optimistic one of the family. He always believes that there is
way to do some-thing. He often thinks with his heart verses his head. His
challenge is to learn to be optimist while being realistic.

Rocket: He is 15 weeks old, a teenager. He has an answer for everything and is
always looking for information that will allow him a way to help. His challenge is
to learn to be knowledgeable while being understanding.

Churchill: She is the oldest sibling, a believer and the peace-keeper of the
family. She desperately wants God to perform a miracle and just heal Charlie.
She has to learn to balance her faith in God with His plan for Charlie.

Fretta: She is the youngest sibling, a worrier. She has the best of intentions and
is often overcome by her fears. She has to learn to deal with her fears and to
make the most of the present situation.

Heidi: She is Charlie's twin sister. She cannot believe that he has cancer and
spends her time avoiding the situation. She must learn to accept the truth and to
take steps towards helping.

What Others Are saying About Charlie's Cancer Rescue That have Been Touched By Cancer...

"Fantastic book...I recommend it to everyone with a loved on facing cancer." -- Dana Bonstalli, Maryland, husband has cancer

"The best hour a family member or friend could spend if they have a loved one with cancer" -- Janet Brand, California, mother of

"I loved the book!" -- Dianne Killiam, Ohio, Family Member

"I think the resources in the book are great." -- Susan Strohl, Art Teacher

"I read it to my seven-year-old daughter." -- Dena Beckard, Mother has cancer


In Charlie's Cancer Rescue the story goes back and forth between a cancer support group and
the actual tale. Each character in the book has a different perspective that provides insight into
how individuals respond to the cancer diagnosis. You'll discover, firsthand, the support group's
journey as they search for ways to help their loved ones. Some suggestions are straightforward,
while others are indirect. Either way, the self-discovery that comes from there book will
empower you to cope with their personal situation.