The Official Newsletter of Help For Family And Friends

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The purpose of our electronic newsletter (E-zine) is to share information and resources with families and friends of a loved one with cancer. The submission of your
ideas and suggestions that may benefit others will be greatly appreciated.


- Our feature articles talk about ways
to help, how to raise cancer awareness,
and resolve many family issues.  
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Has your child asked you a question
you're not sure how to answer?

-Kids Corner asks the tough questions and provides answers for children. Examples
are: "Why is mommy bald?" or "Is grandma going to die?"
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Know a Good Recipe?

- 'Cooking With Charlie' is a cancer-friendly
recipe that is shared by website visitors,
readers of Charlie's Cancer Rescue and
other family and friends.
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'In My Neighborhood' highlights cancer support organizations
within the Help For Family And Friends network.
The article provides insight into the unique services that they
provide for families.
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NEW SECTION: Cancer of the Funny Bone

Although there is nothing funny about cancer itself, this does not mean that funny things do not still happen. In this section, readers share experiences that to those of
us that understand, are humorous.

"My neighbor had been going through chemotherapy and had always worn a wig. As the treatments finished and her hair began to return, she came over without it.
My son Bobby, four years old at the time, immediately began crying. This lead to short visit. The following day she returned but this time with her wig. We talked
for an hour. Later, Bobby told my husband, "Carolyn came to visit and she brought her hair with her."  Jill V. Michigan

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