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Book Reviews:
"While I am not yet at the acceptance stage of my mom's (cancer), I
thought the whole time I was reading your book, that I knew it I would be
reading it again as her illness progresses...and thank you for the peaceful
feeling I had while reading it." -- Dena in Minnesota

"I just finished your book and I think it is wonderful. Having been
diagnosed with Leukemia just over a year ago, I will definitely recommend
this book to any that cancer has touched. It is very well planned, concise
book. And it opens the doorways for people to talk about cancer in a
healthy, helpful manner." -- Jonna in Florida

"Charlie's Cancer Rescue is such a helpful book that it's going to be my
gift to everyone I know that has a loved one facing cancer." -- Sandie in

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You Are Not Alone!
Here are just a few of the organizations that provide
resources for families touched by cancer: American
Cancer Society, Childhood Leukemia Foundation, Living
Beyond Breast Cancer, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society,
Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organizations and more...
Link to More Than 100 Resources Here

Cancer Rescue Tip of the Week

Don't know what to say?
Loved one's like to talk about
the same things as before
they had cancer.

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Family members willing to
share their experiences by
writing for our newsletter.
We need helpful tips,
cancer-friendly recipes,
funny stories, and more!

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The upcoming Winter Edition includes excerpts from
"7 Facts You Should Know About Support Groups."

Learn what the difference is between a breast
cancer support group and a breast cancer self-help

If my loved one has lung cancer, can I attend a
cancer support group with families facing leukemia
or breast cancer?

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ABOUT THE AUTHORS: David Justus is a two-time cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1985 and then non Hodgkin
lymphoma in 1986. He has been cancer free ever since and has been involved in helping people with cancer. He founded a support group for teens with
cancer and their families for the American Cancer Society, volunteered for Lee's Friends, and currently works for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. For
more information on David Justus' book tours and public speaking engagements, click here!

Linda Justus learned first hand the challenges families go through when she lost her sister to Breast cancer in 1990. Linda is a Life and Relationship Skills
Educator and the founder of A+ For Life. For more information on Linda Justus' book tours and public speaking engagements, click here!

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5 keys to Helping a Loved One With Cancer

National Cancer Society, Organizations &

State Cancer Society, Organizations &

Cancer Camps



Is there a HERO
in your Family?

HERO (n): Hope, Endurance, Resiliency,
and Optimism. A Hero is the family
member or friend admired for his/her
great strength and qualities when a
loved one has cancer-ordinary people
that do extraordinary things. A Hero
knows how to make every moment
count and it may be someone you

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